Licuado de Banana (Honduran Banana Shake) (Core Plan)

Saying it's hot outside is the understatement of the year.

I am blaming the 100 plus degrees for my sudden longing for cold drink recipes.  I want to cook, I really do. It's just so darn hot.  So, my inspiration as for right now is mainly coming from my blender...and a little ice.

Every year when the heat comes out in full force and the scorching West Texas sun starts beating down, I remember to be thankful for what in comparison is a mild summer.

You see, when I think back to the hottest weather I have ever survived...it was not in Texas.  It was in Honduras, San Pedro Sula to be exact, and it was the summer of 1999.  It's quite funny looking back on it now.  I just happened to be pregnant but was not yet aware of it.  And the temperature for an entire 3 weeks was no less than 152 degrees with 152% humidity (what a coincidence!). 

I wasn't nauseous.  Not yet anyway.  It was just that every food I looked at was entirely  "un"-appetizing.  I went 3 or 4 days not eating anything.  I just couldn't bring myself to it.

We sat in the hotel restaurant waiting for my husband's usual and favorite breakfast..."panqueques, tocino y huevos" or pancakes, bacon and eggs. (Ooooh, on a side note they drench their pancakes in honey instead of syrup! But that is an entirely different blog.)  The waitress checked on me several times to make sure I didn't want anything. I didn't. "No panqueques?" she'd ask.  "No...no panqueques!" I would reply...even as beautiful as they were.

Next to us there was a couple enjoying their breakfast and I noticed that they were both drinking what looked like milkshakes with their meal.  I asked the waitress what it was and she (not fully understanding me) turned quickly on her heals and re-appeared within a matter of seconds with my very own "Licuado de Banana" ...whether I wanted one or not.

Good news...after one sip I did!  The waitress was so proud of herself that she smiled from ear to ear.  She smiled the entire time we sat there.  She knew she was my hero!  I wanted another one an hour later.  I also wanted one before bedtime.  And for the next 2 and 1/2 weeks I thrived almost entirely on the cold, creamy, yummy nutrition of that freezing cold Banana Shake from Honduras.

And every summer for over a decade now...I drink one every chance I get!

Please, whatever you do, don't let the fancy name scare you off from attempting this one.  That would be such a mistake.  It is a simple, almost humble recipe with the most basic of ingredients.  And anyone with a blender can master it.

Note: The fresh, raw and organic part of this recipe is so important if you want to taste this drink to it's full potential.  This is what makes it!

Licuado de Banana (Honduran Banana Shake) (Core Plan)
Free of:  Gluten, Sugar, Processed Ingredients, Chemicals
Full of:  Real food, Vitamin D, Potassium, Iron, Calcium

16 oz raw organic Milk
1/2 to 3/4 cups xylitol (depending on brand)
3 tsp pure vanilla extract (not sweetened)
2 organic bananas
4 cups ice

Place raw milk, xylitol, vanilla and bananas in blender.  Blend on high.  Add ice and blend until fully blended.  Makes 4 12oz servings.

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