Coconut Oil...go get you some!!!

I know that sounds bossy but I mean it. And after I tell you everything I know about coconut oil you will say it too.

Let's start with the back label of my jar of coconut oil.  It reads like this:
"  Contains 62% MCT's -medium chain "good fats" the body uses to produce energy.  As a dietary supplement, Coconut Oil is a good addition to physical activity, exercise and weight loss programs.
  • Certified Organic Non-GMO
  • Cold Pressed, Hexane-Free
  • Zero Trans & Hydrogenated Fat
  • Pure Extra Virgin
  • Unrefined, Non-Bleached
  • Delicious, Creamy Taste 
Recommendation: As a supplement, take 1 tablespoon 1-4 times daily.  May be used as a spread or added to salad dressings and smoothies
For Cooking:  Use in place of butter, margarine, shortening or other cooking oils for baking or frying in temperatures up to 350 degrees.
For Skin Care: Use as a moisturizing lotion.  Place jar in warm water to liquefy, then massage small amounts onto the skin.
For Hair Care:  Use as a conditioner.  Place jar in warm water to liquefy, then apply 2 teaspoons to hair 1 to 2 hours before washing."

That's what it says on the back. And that is why I never go without two jars...one in my kitchen and one in my bathroom.

I know a lot of you are very concerned with your fat in-take and with saturated fats especially, which coconut oil does contain.  But I promise, if you do research on the fat in coconut oil you will be pleasantly surprised.  The more you read about it the more you will see that it is necessary as a real energy source, to aid in digestion, to strengthen your immune system,  and for the effective functioning of several organs. You will also find that it is "anti" everything...anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral.  Also, apart from coconut oil the only other source of lauric acid found in such high concentrations is in mother's milk. In very few words the human body absolutely loves it. 

Watch this video to see a great explanation on why coconut oil is so good for you.
"Okay, so how do I cook with it?"  you ask. 

The last thing you want to do with a good fat is damage it in the cooking process.  I only use three oils, butter (NOT margarine), extra virgin olive oil, and extra virgin coconut oil. These are the oils (good fats) I know were not already damaged in processing. I use butter for very low heat and never let it turn brown.  If it does I have damaged it and must throw it out.  I use olive oil either raw on salads or for medium temperature cooking.  If it gets high enough to smoke, it has turned rancid (damaged) and it also will be thrown out.  Rancid or "Damaged" fats will wreak havoc on your body, especially after you are used to only good fat sources.

I said all that to say this, I tend to use coconut oil in almost all of my cooking.  I don't like to throw out food so I cook it in coconut oil if I ever think there is a chance my heat will get high enough to damage the other two.  If I am frying anything I will use it every time because I trust it to stay true and not turn rancid.  Also, frying in coconut oil makes fried food good for you.  Yes, it's true...fried food is not the culprit...you can blame the rancid oil and go on your way making all of your fried foods again in a healthy way by only changing your oils and flours.

My family loves to fry chicken and fish in coconut oil and coconut flour.  We add lots of sea salt, cracked pepper and paprika.  Try it...you're gonna like it.

 We have fried green tomatoes the same way.  Oh and okra..."died and went to heaven" fried okra.  I recommend mixing an egg and a tiny bit of Xantham Gum (in the specialty flour section)  if you don't want your batter to fall off as much.  You are so going to thank me!

Finally, I do recommend it in a daily smoothie.  The energy benefits alone are worth it.

So run out and get some today.  Open it up, stick your nose right down in the jar and take a big whiff.  Try to hold off slathering it all over yourself as you drive home (you will be tempted).  If it smells like you were just teletransported to the Bahamas, you got the right one.  Enjoy!

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  1. I keep a jar with the diapers and put it on my toddler's dry skin, which has helped him a lot. And I used coconut oil to make deodorant. It's great stuff.