Advanced vs. Core Plan

You are going to notice a lot of things missing in my recipes.

Let's start with sugar.  You will not find it here.  I don't like it and it doesn't like me.  Here's a little doesn't like you either.  I plan on blogging about all of the dangers of sugar pretty soon.  You will want to read that blog.

All recipes labeled "Advanced Plan" are referring to one of the God Food plans for Maximized Living Patients.  All of these recipes will be missing any and all grains...even the "healthy" ones.  They will also not use certain fruits and veggies that the body can convert to sugar.  Remember, sugar doesn't like you.  

All recipes labeled "Core Plan" are referring to the other God Food plan for Maximized Living Patients.  These recipes have a little more freedom where ingredients are concerned and are for patients who are already really healthy. 

I can not tell you which plan you should be on.  I only develop and convert the recipes which are then o.k.'d by my Dr., Dr. Eric Narrell.  But, if you have questions about these plans, I will be more than happy to connect you with him.

On another note, there are a few ingredients you will probably notice are very present, much more so than in any other health food recipes you have previously encountered.

Things like butter, raw milk, eggs, cheese, and cream may look out of place on a "Healthy" food blog.  These things are not added by mistake...these are good fats and they are very purposefully put in my recipes.  Again, I will blog about the health benefits of these foods really soon.

As a matter of fact, when eating a God Food Plan, you are eating a high good fat(the fat our body needs to stay healthy), moderate carb, moderate protein plan.  Every ingredient is eaten as close to the way God put it here as humanly possible.  All foods created by or even changed slightly by man are avoided at all cost.    

In short, the intention of each recipe is to be absolutely delicious while avoiding empty, non-beneficial and even damaging ingredients and replacing them with wholesome, nutrient-dense, real ones.